Have You Tried Horseshoes?

horseAre you looking for a new activity to do? Something different from the run of the mill backyard games, or just looking to have some casual fun with some friends? If any of those are the case, then look no further! Horseshoes may be the outdoor activity that you need. A game great to play with friends, or people you’ve never met before, horseshoes provides the opportunity to have fun with your friends and meet new people.

Horseshoes is a game that almost anyone can play! It is a lawn game played between two people two teams using four horseshoes and two stakes set in a lawn or sandbox area. Horseshoes is a point system. Ringers are three points. A ringer is when the horseshoe completely encircles around the stake. Additional points are awarded for horseshoes that are not a ringer but are six inches or closer from the stake.

This game has delighted players since the beginning of the twentieth century. It has since grown to the point where it has crossed country borders in an annual World Championship. But whether you are in a professional league or just hanging out in the background with two stake and a cold drink, you may find a new passion throwing horseshoes.