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Our interactive website offers nutrition, exercise, and wellness tools, programs, and information that allow employees to focus on their health inside and outside of the workplace. Best of all, it is completely private. Your company will be given a specific code that only your employees can use, and each employee will be allowed exclusive access to his or her information.

front page features
Once logged into the site, users will have access to all kinds of interesting features right on the front page, including:

  • The where’s Walter monthly contest (featuring great prizes)
  • The Monthly Trivia question (also including great prizes)
  • The monthly newsletter, which contains great information about a health or wellness issue that month,
  • The Client of the Month, and
  • The Recipe of the Month, which is a monthly healthy recipe for the time of year.

The front page is also host to the Log Your Activity panel. Users can use it to track their personal fitness. The Log Your Activity panel is also be used for many of our programs, such as Go the Distance and Spring into Fitness, so that users may log their fitness in an easy, consolidated way. Their past activity can be viewed under My Account, then Activity History.fitness log

my account

Under the My Account tab, users can also view all their past assessments that were created during a Heart Healthy Screening with a Professional and Personal Wellness Employee. Users can also view their current programs, so that they may track their progress in comparison to their teammates or other employees. Under My Account, users can also view and edit their profile, which they can also customize by interest in order to filter messages (For example, by checking the Yoga interest, users will receive all the messages related to Yoga).


calendar 2
The website also offers a calendar that will provide your company with the times and date of Professional and Personal Wellness visits, events and programs, as well as events that may be happening locally.


Properwell.com also offers and array of articles, workouts, and information for the health and wellness benefit of the user. The Education area of the website includes information for everything from weight loss to blood pressure to smoking.education


personal training articles
The Personal Training area of the website contains information about various exercises, tips, training exercises, as well as workouts of the month. This area will also include videos so that users can attend a fitness class in the comfort of their own home.video


Under Nutrition, users can log their meals each day in order to count calories, an important tool in weight loss. There will also be nutritional tips of the month, and an opportunity to ask the dietician. The best questions and answers will be displayed on the website so that everyone can benefit.nutrition

Properwell.com is a great tool that allows use to work with users at all times, without even being on site. We are constantly expanding and adding new features to enrich your experience and give you the best health and wellness resources.