Basic Employee Wellness Program

Quality of life is unique for every company and every employee. Our Basic interactive online wellness program is an affordable way to offer your employees the chance to make changes toward a healthier life style and therefore help to form healthier, happier employees.

A Basic Wellness Program may be ideal for your company if:

  • You are on a limited wellness budget
  • You would like to test a wellness program before implementing an even more comprehensive program
  • You are looking for a simple, easy-to-use wellness program for your employees

Unlike insurance wellness programs, where you can lose data if you switch insurance companies, all of your employee’s data is safe and stored with us. Also, at any time you may decide to add more PPW programs and services. We are always close by to help you offer the best program for your employees!

Click here for a comprehensive list of all the programs and services offered in the Basic Program. 

How does the Basic Wellness Program differ from our other programs and services? 

The Basic Wellness program includes many of the wellness programs and challenges offered in our other package. However, unlike our other programs and services, the Basic Wellness Program is conducted completely online. This allows us to offer a great wellness program at a discounted price. The wellness package can be updated to include incentives, onsite consultants, and more at any time for additional cost. See our other Programs and Services for more details.


Up to 200 employees - $3 per employee per month
200 -500 employees - $600 per month
Over 500 employees - $1500 per month
$150 annual set up and support fee