About Us

Professional and Personal Wellness was founded in 1994 by Doug Grosso. It started out as an in-home business. Due to growth and the addition of employees it soon moved out of Doug’s home and into an office. To this day, we follow the original Business Plan, which still sits on Doug’s desk. Doug's vision was to have 4 main components to the business:

1. Corporate Wellness Programs
2. Personal Coaching
3. Special Events
4. Recreational Programs

Over the years, Professional and Personal Wellness continues to provide in these 4 areas. The emphasis and some of the delivery has changed but for the most part Professional and Personal Wellness has stayed true to the original plan and focus.

The other thing that has not changed in the almost 20 year Professional and Personal Wellness has been in business is the philosophy of high touch and strong relationships. We belief that you must go where people are both physically (Yes, that means 3rd shift) and mentally where there is a readiness for change, in order to help change behaviors.

It is this philosophy, approach, and our multitude of personal, interactive programming that has kept us in business and growing for the past 18 years.